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Hi, I’m Tanin Rojanapiansatith. I’m a Mobile Software Engineer at Capital One UK. I have passion in App development. Recently, I’ve just launched Transcrybr, a transcription app for content creators

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Sep 9, 2020
Transcrybr is on the App Store The story of my first iOS app
Apr 30, 2020
Ping-Pong TDD experiment in Swift Showcasing the benefits of Test Driven Development through the Ping-Pong TDD technique.
Feb 16, 2020
Simple REST API With JSON using Vapor A guide for iOS developers on how to create a simple REST API With JSON using Vapor, a web framework written in Swift.
Nov 26, 2019
My second step into the CI world with fastlane and Android A sequel to my first post about AWS, Jenkins, and Android. This post is hopfully a 101 guide on how to automate the release process to the Play Store with fastlane.
Oct 6, 2019
Things you probably need to know about Swift Package Manager in Xcode A quick guide on how to create, manage, and use Swift Packages with Swift Package Manager in Xcode. And some tips on migrating from CocoaPods.
Sep 24, 2019
Accessibility in Swift at iOSDevUK 9 Why accessibility support is important and how easy it is with SwiftUI
Sep 15, 2019
SwiftUI at iOSDevUK 9 SwiftUI stuff I've learned from iOSDevUK 9. Some example code for custom ViewModifiers and Property wrappers
Aug 31, 2019
SwiftUI: Requires String conform to Identifiable error in List How to solve "Initializer 'init(_:rowContent:) requires that 'String' conform to 'Identifiable' error in SwiftUI List"
Aug 26, 2019
Amazing post! A comment on https://www.jvt.me/posts/2019/07/22/why-website/
Aug 22, 2019
Pomodoro Technique How I approach the Pomodoro Technique. The benefits I've seen. And some tips